Feb 212011

Every ones loves hands-on tutorials with code snippets and stuff to establish the knowledge that something can be done.

So here is my first one; MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.5.
The new and shiny backup solution for MySQL.

Our clients, for a long time, are asking for an enterprise ready, stable, safe, quick, easy, feature rich, cross-platform backup solution. Nothing more. Easy pissy.
Yeah, everybody are using mysqldump with joy, but things are getting pretty complicated when you have more than 5 tables with 18.4Mbyte of data…
Let’s forget the backup time of a big database server with mysqldump, or the size of the files. Have you ever tried to restore a dump?
Those of you that did, knows it’s the most nerve racking task ever.
Simply due to the fact it takes ages to restore. And I mean ages!

The new MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.5 comes to the rescue, with this impressive list of features (very partial list):

  • HOT backup InnoDB tables, Warm MyISAM, MEMORY and other storage engines.
  • On-the-fly compression.
  • Full, Incremental and Partial backups.
  • Quick, lightweight and worry-free backup process.
  • CLI tool to allow easy automate scripting with in-database history tracking.
  • Easy to copy and manage backup files.
  • Easy and Fast restore.
  • Much more…

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